Lit Analysis & Interpretation

Below are some questions to consider about our final poems for the semester. As usual please focus on a single question if you are starting a new thread and be sure to read what other have said before starting a new thread. Try to keep discussions on each poem to a single thread.William Butler Yeats “The Second Coming” 436This is a difficult poem that has many references to a personal philosophy that Yeats believed about history and has inspired much debate about its meaning. It was published in 1921 right after WWI. What are some of the dark images that Yeats uses in this poem that reflect this post war view of the world? You may need to do a little research on WWI. What do you think the theme of the poem is? Don’t forget to cite any sources you use in your post even when you are putting the information in your own words.Emily Dickinson “The Soul Selects Her Own Society” 424Focus on Dickinson’s word choices here. She depicts “the Soul” using certain images and word choices. Is there a pattern in these choices that reflect her main point or the idea she is exploring here?Marge Piercy “What’s That Smell in the Kitchen” 525Why does Piercy use references to cooking and food to represent the frustrations of women in this poem? How do the last two lines sum up her point? When was this poem written and what was happening with women’s rights during this time that make this poem relevant?May Swenson “How Everything Happens” 487In poetry form and content are interconnected. How does the form of this poem reflect the content or main point Swenson is exploring here?Louise Gluck “The Untrustworthy Speaker” (Not in your text. You will find it in this week’s module.) Gluck won the Nobel prize for poetry last year.Discuss the character of the speaker in this poem? What images and poetic techniques does Gluck use in this poem? What do you think the title means?Do only One.