Listening in Interpersonal Communication

Must have access to this book Devito, Joseph A. The Interpersonal communication Book, 14th ed. Pearson, 2016.Listening in Interpersonal Communication (Read Ch. 6), Complete the self-test on page 168-169, “Styles of Effective Listening” (Please remember what has been discussed before, it is not sufficient to simply answer the question. You need to type out the question, your answer, and justify why you selected that answer with depth)Explain the differences between (these pairs of listening are at opposite poles) (1) empathic and objective listening (2) nonjudgmental and critical listening (3) surface and depth listening and (4) active and inactive listening. Give an example of where you would use each of these (example: empathic listening – a friend who wrecked his/her car).What are the three techniques of active listening?