Linux Server Build

CN-120LRS Exercise: Linux Server BuildExercise InstructionsLinux has been often employed to build infrastructures based on its reliability and ownership costs. For this exercise, you will select one of the four below options to build. You’ll write a narrative and present the solution during Week 6 of the course.Part 1 – System Project BuildThe System Project Build is the part of the LRS where you actually build a solution based on Linux. You will need to research the solution online to find a build procedure based on the implementation you choose. You will need to also document the solution’s specifications and properly test it to ensure it works.Option 1 – LAMP ServerThe purpose of this task will be to create a completely functional server using the following open source technologies:• Linux – You may utilize any version of Linux you wish that is capable of achieving the objective.• Apache – Research, download, and install Apache as a functional web service. It should be properly loaded and ready to accept incoming HTTP/HTTPS requests.• MySQL – Research, download, and install MySQL to add SQL server database support to your build.• PHP – Research, download, and install PHP services to your server.Create a simple set of web pages that will talk to your database. Or you may select an application of some kind that makes use of these technologies and install that to your system. The ending objective is to create a Linux-based server that performs the functions of a web server with dynamic content and a database server that stores the information.Option 2 – Windows Active Directory ServicesWhile it may seem quite odd to build a Linux server that will be part of a Windows Active Directory infrastructure, it is indeed possible. You will need to have a functional Windows server in your infrastructure to start Active Directory, but this server option will create a Linux-based solution that will participate in the Active Directory infrastructure.Option 3 – High Availability Server using Clustering ServicesIf you have the available hardware in the course, you may research and build a functional multi-node (at least two) cluster installation. Success of this project will be if the server is capable of staying up, even if one of the nodes in the cluster fail (is powered off suddenly).Research and install Linux on both functional nodes.IntelliTec Colleges Computer Systems Technology Vs. 1.0 070918
Option 4 – Linux-based Syslog ServerThis solution is something that would be used for a security environment, creating a central server solution to collect syslog messages to a log file. You will install a Linux distribution to your system, research, install, and configure syslog for typical operation. You then will have at least three different devices/computers sending logging information to your syslog server. Use the logging techniques in Chapter 11 of the Linux Essentials text to parse out and read messages for specific errors.Option 5 – Other Server ProjectBased on the objectives and expectations of the course, construct some other server- based solution based on Linux, a solution that represents a sufficient amount of research and complexity. This solution must be pre-approved by your instructor prior to starting the project.Part 2 – NarrativeWrite a narrative describing the chosen project, the steps taken to do the project and the lessons learned. Total amount of writing should be approximately 650 words. Include the project specification and test plan as part of the deliverable.Part 3 – PresentationCreate simple demonstration presentation for the class. The presentation should take no more than 5-10 minutes and go over all the aspects of the build. This presentation will take place in Week 6 of the class.