Legal positions

SuperGym Ltd, which manages a chain of sports fitness centers, places the following advertisement on its website, dated 5 January.
Pay for one year’s standard membership at a SuperGym Fitness Centre, and swim 400 consecutive laps in one of our pools by 10 January and you will be rewarded with a free one-year membership for your spouse. Happy swimming and good luck!
Owing to bad publicity, resulting from some of its new members suffering heart attacks in its swimming pools, on the morning of 8 January, SuperGym Ltd placed a prominent notice on its website withdrawing the promotional membership campaign of 5 January contained on its website.

Discuss the legal position of the parties in the following separate situations:

  1. Albert paid for a year’s membership at his local SuperGym Fitness Centre on 7 January. The following day he logged on to SuperGym’s website and noticed the revocation. Nevertheless, he attempted to swim the 400 laps that afternoon but found that he did not the stamina to complete more than 25 laps.

2.Belinda applied for a year’s membership on the morning of 10 January. Whilst arranging for payment of her membership fee, she was informed of SuperGym Ltd’s promotion. As Belinda was a long-distance swimmer, she immediately rushed into the changing rooms to prepare for the challenge. However, before entering the pool, she was told of SuperGym’s revocation by the pool attendant.

3.Clare received free membership at the SuperGym Fitness Centre on 6 January, having won a competition run by a local supermarket. She successfully swam 400 laps which was reported on local TV, but was subsequently refused free membership for her spouse as she had not paid for her own membership.

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