Legal of Sports Research Paper

The intent of this individual assignment is to research an approved topic of interest to you. Students must develop a research topic and identify peer-reviewed articles that support their topic. It is required to provide information about the various facets of the topic, and detailed connections must be drawn to academic research, mainstream media, and the text(s).Some example titles are as follows: Genders…still in 2017?; Do Waivers Truly Waive?; Search and Seizure in the NCAA; Kneeling to Stand; Managing the Unruly Fan; The Enforcer: Boogaard; Comparison Analysis Between Baseball and Balinese Cock Fighting; Nelson Mandela Unites South Africa Through Rugby; WWE and Women; UFC and CTE; Pete Rose: Still Not “In”.This final paper should be a maximum of *nine (9) pages meeting all of the standards within (Title Page and References do not count toward the 9 page maximum). A completed paper must be APA 6th formatted with citations and include the following components when received:Title Page (is its own page with no other content on the page)“Running Head:” with the header is only found on this page. Every subsequent page will only have the header and not include “Running Head:”Include the following information: Author’s Name, Paper Title, Course Name and Number, Date, University Name, and Professor’s Name*Abstract (is its own page with no other content on the page and is center aligned and boldly labeled as Abstract and includes a Keywords section, about ½ page in length, but not exceeding 1 page)The abstract should contain a description about your research topic, research questions, discussion, and conclusions.A keywords section must be included and have a minimum of 5 keywords within. The keywords are a list of words that someone would use to find your article in a search engine database.*Introduction (is centered aligned, boldly labeled as Introduction; and about 1-2 pages in length)The author should introduce the topic in detail and explain the relevance of the research.*Discussion (is center aligned, boldly labeled as Discussion and consist of the remaining pages)The author should discuss the topic and research in detail, drawing connections, to academic research, identifying problems, conduct a critical analysis, and identify the literature gaps.*Conclusion (is center aligned, labeled as Conclusion and should be about 1 page in length)The author must synthesize conclusions and identify needed future research areas.References (it is labeled in bold as References and is a separate page which does not count toward overall number of pages)A minimum of 8 peer-reviewed journal articles as sources are required.For additional help on APA citations please use any of the following references: SMUMN Librarians,, and course instructor.