Leadership, Management and Culture

Please choose one (1) of the discussion topics listed below and respond to that topic thread. citations in APA format and examples to illustrate your points.
1. How is culture communicated and changed?Rainey suggests that the term culture is both widely used and misused. The text suggests, however, that the term culture offers both theoretical and practical ways of understanding effective leadership. What are the different ways in which culture is communicated and understood in organizations? What actions can managers take to develop or change culture? Please draw upon the readings and include concrete examples in your comments.2. The effect of groups and individuals?The text describes the formation of formal and informal groups (or teams) in the workplace. In what ways do individuals affect group behavior? Conversely, in what ways do groups affect individual behavior? What are the implications for the organization? Please draw upon the course materials and provide at least one relevant example in your discussion.3.Conflict within organizations?Based on your reading of the text, is conflict a negative phenomenon that should be avoided? In what ways might it be negative? In what ways can conflict serve a positive purpose within organizations? What are five management approaches to managing conflict? Please draw upon the course materials and provide at least one specific example in your discussion.
Reference:Rainey, H. G. (2014). Understanding and managing public organizations (5th ed.). SanFrancisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.