Leadership-as-Practice Essay Assignment

Leadership-as-Practice Essay AssignmentEvaluate an organization you are familiar with using the following leadership-as-practice constructs: mutual adjustment, shared sense-making, dialogue, and collaborative learning. Your essay should include definitions of the constructs supported by relevant scholarly sources. Then describe how you observed each construct.Submission RequirementsEvaluate Verizon WirelessUse concepts mutual adjustment, shared sense-making, dialogue, and collaborative learning (Use required article concepts)Minimum of 5 citationsYour main post should be 600 words.APA(7th edition) citations and references required, and reference pageRequired ArticlesRaelin, J. (2011). From leadership-as-practice to leaderful practice. Leadership, 7(2), 195–211. https://doi.org/10.1177/1742715010394808Raelin, J. (2020, March 30). Not leader development—Leadership-as-practice development. Training. https://trainingmag.com/not-leader-development-leadership-practice-development/Raelin, J. (2018, May 8). Leadership as practice and its impact on learning. Training Industry. https://trainingindustry.com/articles/leadership/leadership-as-practice-and-its-impact-on-learning/