kinsiology ARTICLE Review assignment

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please see the attachment for the assigned assignment for more detalies .
This assignment is designed to give you practice finding and summarizing research information in the field of exercise and nutritional sciences, as it relates to EXSC 241B – Introduction of Kinesiology topics discussed throughout the semester. Please select one of the articles on Bb (or you may use google scholar/pubmed for another article). I am looking primarily for your reflection, which has two parts:
Section I – Summary of the academic article: please reflect on what you learned including – what was familiar to you, what was completely new, and what you struggled to understand (this might be an area you examine further in the future).

• Section II – Application of the academic article: give examples of WHY, what, and how you will and could use this information in your current or future career and/ or life. Practical Application 101! The more specific your information and examples are, the better! If you need examples and/or help, please let me know. • Remember, although both sections are equal in points, application of information is critical in our field (and in any field).

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