Killer Mike Speech

with a very brief intro (approx. 3-4 sentences) giving the name of the speaker, event where the speech took place, and most importantly, your thesis statement telling us which devices/strategies you found in the speech (Ex: “Killer Mike used repetition, metaphor and personal anecdotes to persuade the audience”).The body of your document should proceed through a discussion of each type of strategy or device that you found, giving a specific example of each from the speech (in quotes) and some indication of their impact on the audience. For example, if you say that he uses repetition, be sure to tell us what words or phrases were repeated and how or why this made his point more persuasive/ how did his use of repetition affect the audience? Repeat these talking points for each of the devices you discuss.Briefly conclude by restating your main claim (that this speech was effective/persuasive overall thanks to the speaker’s use of certain persuasive/literary techniques). Please type your response in Word using MLA format. Submit here no later than midnight on Sunday, Sept. 4th.