Keurig Case study in powerpoint format

This is part of a 3-person team project.Please do both the PPT and speaker notes (for me to read with the PPT). The 5-pg limit is more like to pay you for both the speaker notes (e.g. the actual research which I will read off/present) and the work that goes into the PPT. This means that the word limit or “5-pg” is relative. I am happy to pay more to fit the content if you think 5 pages isn’t enough to fit the time limit (Detailed instructions are attached below) for my share or to cover the information. Please see attached PPT as a good example of how team 1 presented its case. The main takeaway is the conciseness and balance of information (which i will only be covering partially because each person does one aspect of the case study, this is explained in the guideline). Do not hesitate to let me know if anything else is needed or this is confusing. It certainly is and this is why i need help lol.