Katharine Graham

Write about Kathrine Graham (minimum 8 sources required) and use this thesis:“Katharine Graham led The Washington Post from rags to riches through her bold approach on exposing the truth.”(You can tweak it a little bit if you think it’s necessary)Go off of these statements:She is a perfect specimen to the core principles that the press complies on today; in a time where women in power were rare Graham enlightened the world on the enterprising nature of female judgement; she demonstrated that by putting her responsibility to inform, above the risk of the Post’s possible financial losses due to litigation and backing up the pentagon papers and the watergate scandal when stakes were remarkably high.
Instructions:For this paper you will write an original research essay on someone who has had a major impact on the field of journalism, for better or worse. The person can be a journalist, editor, publisher, etc. They can be someone from the past or present, someone from the United States or someone from another country. In this essay, you will explore this person’s lasting impact on journalism.We will expect you to deal with questions such as how their work has influenced or transformed the field and what makes their work unique and noteworthy. Your essay should make a clear argument (in the form of a strong thesis) about the person’s legacy in the field and what makes them exceptional. Your essay should be more than a biography; we want you to explain and discuss your subject’s significance.In your paper, turn your critical eye to this person in the context of their industry in order to identify what qualities or characteristics are worthy of your attention. Be sure to provide ample evidence and examples to back up your choice. This includes using a variety of sources (at least 8) and going far beyond Wikipedia or Biography.com. This essay must be between 1,000–1,500 words.Attached are an outline that you can use as a guide, and a grade distribution