1. Watch “Wise Choice Process (Links to an external site.)” video from the 1:58 seconds mark to the 13:38 seconds mark ( (Links to an external site.)). 
2. Now watch the Wise Choice Process 1 video ( (Links to an external site.)) and the Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott (Links to an external site.).
What choice did Rosa Parks make? Why do you think Rosa made such a choice if she had been giving up her seat for years? What price was she willing to pay?  What was she really tired of? How did her choice benefit you and your community? There are 6 steps to the Wise Choice Process (Downing, 2017), how do you think Rosa Parks could have or used the wise choice process in her situation?  As a journal reflection listing the 6 steps to the Wise Choice Process, write and upload a one 1 page double spaced reflection using the questions I posed. Base your reflection on a problem you are currently facing. 
3. Go to the “My Next Move” O*Net Interest Profiler (Links to an external site.) page and complete the O*Net Interest Profiler. Watch the “Wise Choice Process” video (Links to an external site.) if you need more guidance. But this is basically a questionaire which will assess your career interests. It should give you a letter code as illustrated in the video. Make a note of it. Write and upload a one page journal as a word document reflecting on the results you got. Do you agree or disagree?  What occupations relate to this code?  Does it match the information posted in the Learning and Career Pathways (Links to an external site.) page? Or is there another pathway or questions these results make you think about? 
4. Upload your journals as word documents

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