Journal Entry you should consider how Maximo’s approach to HRP and flexibility help them to achieve their goals? What are the potential drawbacks of their approach?

I need Journal Entry with no citationStrategic Human Resource PlanningThe success Maximo experienced provided them with the opportunity to develop other titles in the series, as well as continuing to extend the original game (this ensured they continued to engage their original supporters). To make the most of this, they needed more resources and to review the structure of the organisation – small product-based teams had worked well up to now, but could they upscale this structure? The Director of People Operations worked with senior management to identify the skills, knowledge and attitudes they needed, and suggested 3 sources of potential talent.The economic downturn had left many talented individuals in the gaming industry out of work, so there was a rich talent pool for Maximo to choose from. They also chose to engage with universities, to attract the best talent as soon as they entered the job market. The final decision they made was to review the partnership arrangements that had worked so well. To increase efficiencies and reduce costs, they acquired the companies that had provided 3D graphics and animation services.Flexibility of LabourBetween 2010 and 2012, Maximo’s employee numbers grew from 38 to 518, and they experienced continued success. Upscaling the old structure of small, product-based teams was an effective approach. They effectively used a matrix structure, ensuring each product team contained a technical specialist from each department, for the initial design and the continued development of the product. The aim was to maintain the initial creativity and flow of ideas that led to their initial success.Employees have been encouraged to develop their skills on the job, so they are technically competent in more than one area. Essential skills are now more readily available throughout the workforce and the learning culture has ensured a high level of interest and challenge for employees. Having a greater understanding of different technical areas provided an added benefit, as individuals began to challenge accepted ways of working, identifying new and better ways of working.