Issues with the Charter School Movement

All six questions need to be answered.

PROMPT: After watching the video, Public Schools For Sale, respond to the following: PDF included
1. What are two issues with the charter school movement? Be specific.
2.How do charter schools potentially negatively and positively affect poor and vulnerable youth?

Find a news article from the last 5 years on one of the issues you mentioned in question 1.
3. In 3 sentences, summarize the article.
4. What have you learned about the charter school movement that you didn’t know before?
5. Provide one policy recommendation on public school funding and/or the privatization of public schools.
6. Write a citation using APA format for your news article.
***The news article must come from one of the most read newspapers on this list. Such as, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Post

You may also use an article from one of the following magazines: The Atlantic, Time, Newsweek, Mother Jones, The Nation.
Main posts and responses should include references in APA format, 7th edition.