Is there any significant relationship between the decrease in sales performance and job satisfaction?

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For your post, create your own Topic, Research Problem, Research Purpose, and Research Questions for a hypothetical mixed methods study. You must have an overarching MM question and at least one QUAN and one QUAL question (so, at least three questions total), You should be able to write the Topic in a couple words and the problem, purpose, and questions in a sentence apiece.

For your replies, evaluate and give feedback to your group mates’ TPPQs. Pay close attention to the flow from broad and overarching (topic) to most specific (research question) and to the fidelity of the flow (that each logically connects to one another). Also, pay close attention to see that the QUAN and QUAL questions are integrated and that they are both needed to answer the overarching MM question.

You will be addressed on the fidelity and flow of your TPPQ and the quality of feedback you give to your group mates.


Topic: Job Satisfaction

Problem: Poor job satisfaction of employees has affected sales performance and other key performance measures (KPIs) during the past three

years at Simba Lending.

Purpose Statement: The study’s objective is to examine the possible relationship between employees’ job satisfaction (KPIs) and job

performance at Simba Lending


How can interviews about job satisfaction at Simba Lending (qualitative) better explain a decline in sales performance and other KPIs over the
past three years? (quantitative) – (Mixed Methods).

2. Is there any significant relationship between the decrease in sales performance and job satisfaction? (quantitative).

3. From the employee’s point of view, how does work satisfaction affect performance on the job? (qualitative)


Topic: Workplace motivation

Problem: Lack of workplace motivation among employees within a service department has impacted the level of staff productivity as it relates to completion of tasks.

Purpose: the purpose of this study is to analyze the correlation between workplace motivation and level of productivity within the workplace.


How might an intervention strategy based on workplace motivation show results in the level of productivity being experienced within a service department? (Mixed)
What can individual discussions with employees yield about the sources of motivation and its impact on productivity? (qualitative)
Is there a significant relationship between low motivation and low productivity in the workplace? (quantitative)