Is the United Nations Interim Force Lebanon (UNIFIL) keeping peace?

The paper should be double-spaced, 12 point font, and presented in a Word file with your name on the file.Elements of the research paperCover page – The research paper must include a cover page with your name, course number and title, instructor’s name, and date.Body of paper (4-6 pages).Citations and References List – We ask you to use in-text citations to hold your sources (author date, page) or (author date) if no page. These will be listed at the end of your paper on a separate page as “References List.”Supplemental information presented in footnotes or endnotes – You also may use footnotes or endnotes to provide “extra” information – things you would like your reader to know but would break the flow of your argumentation. Sometimes the most interesting tidbits from your research find their way into the footnotes but not the paper.This paper should use the 80/20 rule (80% or more in YOUR OWN words and only 20% or less paraphrased or quoted). Turnitin is being used for this assignment.