Is GDP good enough, so that we should continue to use it as the main indicator of economic performance?

This week we have looked at the definition of GDP, the ways we can divide up GDP into categories of goods and services for closer study, the difference between nominal and real GDP, and the problems with using GDP as a measure of living standards. Let’s focus on that last topic, because it allows for opinion and debate. As you’ve seen, GDP is far from a perfect method of measurement. Nevertheless, it is probably the most widely used macroeconomic number in the world. Almost every time someone talks about living standards or economic growth or recessions or booming economies, they are using numbers based on GDP. What do you think about this? Is GDP good enough, so that we should continue to use it as the main indicator of economic performance? Or should we make an effort to replace it with something else? If it were replaced, what would you like the “something else” to measure?


Is U Bank liable to Rubin and is he guilty of violating the Securities Exchange Act of 1934?

Describe an instance where a poor assessment of a risk resulted in a cost overrun or schedule delay in a project you are familiar with.

Discuss about the life and accomplishments of a historical figure in American Higher Education.

Write a detailed job outline that could be given to a teaching assistant so that they know what their role and responsibilities are.

Write a paper develop a teaching plan for one of the following vulnerable populations: Native Americans, Sexual Trafficked teenage Asian girls, LGBTQ persons, Opioid abusers, Children of migrant farm workers, Persons with bipolar disorder, Pregnant teenagers, Persons who are HIV+, War veterans with PTSD, Others requires professor permission.

Discuss and analyze how the economics at Emory Hospital market impact your management of its supply chain.

Explain how that approach enhances the employee performance in the hospitality industry and improves customer service and satisfaction.

What does biblical teaching tell us about conspicuous

What do you think a multicultural society would look like in America?

What settings should you allow users to change, and what settings should be controlled by the system administrator?