Intro to Modern Physics Essay Assignment/ LIGO’s gravitational wave discoveries

In 2015 and 2016, the science team at LIGO made the first major observations of gravitational wave signatures from black hole merger and later black hole-neutron star mergers. I had the opportunity to host Dr. Raymond Frey of the University of Oregon, one of the lead scientists on the LIGO team at the time, for a lecture last November at Southwestern Oregon Community College. Dr. Frey spoke about the first two discoveries and updates/next steps for LIGO. You can view the lecture here: a combination of the lecture information and your own research, address the following question: How do LIGO’s gravitational wave discoveries modify our perception of the Universe and it’s mechanisms, and what do you see and the biggest implications of gravitational wave physics and astronomy on our scientific understanding?Answer the prompt in a 2-3 page essay with at least three academic sources (You may use MLA or APA format for citations whichever you are most comfortable with.) As this is a perspective essay, I ask that you provide some of your own ideas and synthesis into the answer. I will be grading based on how well you have presented and supported your answers.