INSTRUCTIONS Begin by opening and reading the Surrealism Lecture. If you do not have your book or prefer independent research, I suggest researching the objectives. OBJECTIVES Successful completion o

INSTRUCTIONSBegin byopeningandreading theSurrealism Lecture. If you do not have your book orpreferindependent research, I suggest researchingthe objectives.OBJECTIVESSuccessful completion of this section will enable you to:Identify the characteristics of the Surrealist art, film, and literature movementConnect factors linking events in the early 20thcentury to the latest movement of the time.Task (1): Surrealism Lecture and Frieda Video.Read the Surrealism lecture and Watch the Frieda Video.Context:The Early 1900s: Rebellious & Confused Teen.If the late 1800s/early 1900s were a person, theyd be a rebellious teenager! The ideas and events coming out of the Age of Modernism/Postmodernism have been deemed an all-out assault on all conservative and traditional values, norms, and beliefs.Surrealism was thestart of our modern history and the bricks that laid the foundation for our thought formation. As we survey the human experience, we began our look at the Age of Materialism and Modernism, and all the sorrow that it brings human reflection.This is where we begin our retrospection.First, before starting this portion of the journal entry, be sure youIdentify the characteristics of the Surrealist art, film, and literature movement. The Surrealist movement sets the stage for both this section and the next section. Its important tounderstand how the mind alters what it sees to accommodate our fragile existence. Surrealist believe in our confusing nightmarish dreams exists a reality free of reason and explanation; pure reality.Questions:Type out your responses directlyafterthe questions.1.After watching the video in the lecture, examine and explain how the events in Fridas life shaped how she painted this piece? Where can we see it in the painting, theWounded Table?a.Answer the question here2.The events in Friedas life were expressed through her art. Consider your own life, where does the events in your life express itself? How so?a.Answer the question here3.In general, how does Surrealismexposethe self?a.Answer the question here4.Looking over the vocabulary above, which word best describes Frida, and which one best describes yourself? Explain.a.Answer the question here5.In large part, Surrealism was said to have started due to the World Wars. Why does War have different impacts on different people? Give examples how the war impacts people differently.a.Answer the question here6.Search the internet for a surreal photo that represents your confusing nightmarish reality, (or draw your own). Explain.a.Answer the question herePost picture hereWatch this video help answer the Journal Questions above