Institutions of American Government Current Events Discussion

Module 3 Current Events DiscussionIt’s always good to keep an eye on what’s happening in the real world of American politics. That is especially true for this course as we are learning a lot of concepts that may seem abstract. Now, is your chance to see what you’ve been learning in this course connect to the real world around us.Instructions: You are to find a current event news article that is relevant to something we have covered in Module 3. For your response, you are to do the following:Post the URL link to the article so that myself and your classmates can access it.Explain how you see it connecting to something we have covered in Module 3.Explain which subject it is relevant to.Explain how it demonstrates that subject.Respond to a classmate and their article regarding the connection they made between course material and article. You are encouraged to consider the following:Do you agree that their article is relevant to the course material they say its relevant to?Do you see it connecting to something else that was discussed?You are to meet all three requirements for full credit along with forming your responses in full sentences.This assignment is to be OBJECTIVE, meaning no personal opinions or debating about the subject/ article are part of this assignment. These discussion board posts are designed for you all to make real-world connections to what we’ve been covering in this course.
There are per-approved news sources you can use to find articles in the resource module. Those are sources that are as close to neutral as possible with minimal bias. I encourage you all to look at those sources for a news article to write about.
I’ve put an example below of what a post is supposed to look like and how it should be written.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Example Post:Article link: to an external site.)Connection explanation: This article demonstrates how federalism and the role of state elections can have an impact on issues like abortion. In class, it was discussed that certain policies can be left up to the states to regulate which can sometimes cause issues depending on policy that is the central focus. In the case of this article, the central issue of abortion access highlights how conflictual state-federal relationships can be. Even more so when a policy that concerns aspects of civil liberties and rights are involved.
Here are the approved links to find a article for todays events and I have also attached on files my powerpoint slideshttps://www.politico.com use the slides and information I provided in files and I do need to reply back to a classmate once I submit my disscussion so that is why I made it into 2 pages. Thank you