Influence and impacts of COVID-19 on the international business environment

In these lectures we have discussed a way array of topics related to the international business environment. Considering the topics we have been discussing as a guide or inspiration, you have to produce a critical essay addressing the topic stated above.

The topics are:
– Historical Trends Shaping Todays Business Environment
– Globalization and the Business Environment
– Culture and Societies
– Global Economic Environment: Key Economic Indicators
– The Political Environment
– The Legal Environment
– International Trade and Globalization
– Global Finance, Technology and Innovation
– Ecology and Climate Change
– Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainable Business

Length: 3000 words excluding graphs, tables, and bibliography.

Structure: Executive abstract (250 words); intro, essay, conclusions, bibliography (APA citation system)


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  • Influence and impacts of COVID-19 on the international business environment
  • Critically evaluate the two main techniques used for portfolio construction (Markowitz mean-variance model and Treynor-Black model)
  • Discuss how inflation expectations have affected the investment decisions that you have made to construct your stock portfolio.
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  • Discussion: Visionary, Transformational, or Both?
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  • The Genre and Genre Theory paper
  • In your opinion, how is music like poetry or from your understanding, why do people read poetry? Choose one