Infant mortality rates in the united states amd the efforts taken to combat it

Format: Paper should be 12-15 pages typed, double spaced, one-inch margins all around, 12 -point standard Times New Roman font. Your paper may contain tables, graphs, charts or photos, but must help to illustrate and elucidate your thesis and not just serve as “fillers”. However the total Word Count should be at least 3800 to 5000 words or slightly more, which corresponds to 12 to 15 typed pages of narrative, according to the above mentioned page format, font and spacing.Title and Cover Page: Your paper should have a Cover page with your Name, Course name, and most importantly a Clear, Pointed and Succinct title that accurately describes the subject and topic of your paper, so you don’t leave your reader guessing as to what your paper is about?References: Reference citation should be APA (author, date) style format, exact quotes in quotation marks, with an Alphabetized list of References, which are reflective of your Literature Review done with previous assignment, and included at the end of your paper. You were asked to amass at least 30 to 50 or more citations from your initial literature review and you should have at least 15 or more references retained or added from that initial literature review