Individual-Society Dualism – Homework Experts

As you have learned throughout this module, the fundamental model followed by social psychologists involves the interaction between individual characteristics (e.g., personality, attitudes) and the social environment (e.g., the presence of others, the physical environment)

*****What to do:
This video explores the nature of this interaction by examining the role of the individual in his/her wider social environment. Ideas are presented on the way the two factors interact to produce social behavior. Watch the video and answer the questions below. Here is the link to the required video:

***Here are the questions:
1. What makes up the notion of the individual-society dualism?
2. How does social psychology address the roles of the individual and the social environment?
3. How can social expectations affect individual behavior?
4. Think of an example of how your individual behavior is influenced by the social situation and explain it.
5. Thinking of your response to the previous question, how would your behavior change if the social situation changed?

I will use the rubric shown below for grading this assignment. I will also use the rubric to provide feedback.
• Minimum length required for each question is 3-4 sentences
• Language: Language used should meet academic standards, no slang, colloquialisms, contractions, or foul language.
o Remember, the language we use when speaking to each other in real life, or in the classroom, is often unsuitable for incorporation into an academic paper.
• Clarity & Structure: There should be clear structure within each response.
• Grammar & Spelling: Your answers must be clear, coherent, and include proper sentence structure. Check over your sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling before submission.
Remember, all assignments should be in your own words.
Grading Criteria
• Your work must meet academic writing standards.
• All answers must be in your own words
• Written portions must be written using whole sentences, proper grammar, correct word use, and correct spelling required
• No credit will be given for partial assignments.