In your assignment this week, you will develop the learning scenario on which yo

In your assignment this week, you will develop the learning scenario on which you will base most of your other assignments in this course. Your learning scenario can focus on a problem that exists in your current or past organization or a change requested by key stakeholders in the organization. Focus on who in the organization is being asked to change (target audience); what is currently taking place (“as is” state); and what stakeholders want to take place after a training or educational intevention (“to be” or “future” state). Keep your learning scenario simple with a focus on a single problem or change that you believe can be solved by training or education.
Your learning scenario can be based on previous, present, or fictitious experiences. For example, if you are not an instructional designer, but have participated in a course or training program that did not meet the learning goals or close a performance gap, you might choose that learning scenario as your example. If you are currently an instructional designer or working in that role, you might choose an upcoming project or a portion of that project to work on for this assignment.
As always, consult your professor if you need help formulating your learning scenario so that the scenario includes a clear learning need.
Be sure to include the following components in your assignment:
Describe the learning scenario with comprehensive detail. Be sure to identify the current state (“as is”) and the desired future state (“to be”). Use fictitious names of individuals and organizations, even if the scenario is not based on actual events. Developing your own learning scenario is how you get to tailor the assignment to your interests and experiences. This approach is often referred to as a learner-centered design.
Analyze the learning need in the scenario. Start by describing the learning need and how you know it is a learning need.
Justify which model (problem, innovation, discrepancy) you think would be most appropriate in conducting the needs assessment.
Discuss any ethical, legal, or political factors that might influence the identification or analysis of the learning need or needs assessment model. For example, would the organization be liable to pay penalties if your analysis revealed than mandated safety training had not occurred and was necessary? What if executives put pressure on you to overlook certain findings in favor of their own perspectives?
Length: 3-5 pages, excluding title and reference pages
References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources.
The completed assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. The content should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards and should adhere to…..