Importance of Boston Massacre to the American Revolution

The purpose of this assignment is to help you: 1) develop analytical and research skills; 2) develop writing skills; 3) obtain an understanding of how historians interpret the past and write history; 4) learn something about American history.The written assignment requires you to select a topic related to this class that you believe had an important impact on a specific event or person in American history, and develop an argument using primary and secondary sources that supports your claim. One example might be “the Boston Tea Party was the most influential event of the American Revolution,” and then you would support this statement with primary and secondary sources.Proposal: You must first send me a proposal of your paper so I can approve your topic. The due date of this proposal is in the syllabus. This proposal must state: 1) the topic you would like to examine; 2) why you believe it was influential to a specific event or actions of a person; 3) at least 2 secondary sources and 2 primary sources that you’ve looked at so far. This obviously requires you to first “do your homework” by deciding on a topic and then searching for primary and secondary sources. The first place I suggest you look for a topic is in your text book. Some primary and secondary sources are listed under the “Pages” tab of Canvas. Of course, I’m also available to help you decide on a topic.Sources and Bibliography: You must use at least 3 primary source documents and at least 4 secondary source documents in your final paper. You may NOT use your text book, lecture notes, Wikipedia or any “.com”s, such as, as sources. You must cite your sources in the body of your paper, using footnotes. You must use footnotes (not end notes or parenthetical citations) and follow the Chicago Manual of Style (Links to an external site.) (CMS) form of footnoting (NOT the MLA style or parenthetical references). As a general rule, each paragraph should have at least one footnote citing the sources you used in that paragraph.At the end of your paper, you must have a bibliography (not a “Works Cited” page) that lists the sources you used. It must be properly formatted.NOTE: You will earn a failing grade for the assignment if you turn in a paper that has no sources cited in the body of the paper, ie. footnotes or does not have a bibliography. I will assume the paper was plagiarized, and grade accordingly.Structure and Format: You must have a thesis statement in the beginning paragraph of your paper that poses your argument. Again, such a statement might read: “The Boston Tea Party was the most important event in the colonial struggle for independence from Great Britain because….” You should then give a brief history of the Boston Tea Party followed by your use of primary and secondary sources to support your claim. Your concluding paragraph should sum up your argument.You can find more about writing a thesis statement at History Professor.Org (Links to an external site.) .The length of the paper must be 4 to 6 double spaced pages. The font must be 12 point, Times New Roman.The essay must have a cover page stating your name, date, class, professor (my name), and title of your paper.The paper itself must have 1 inch margins on all four sides (top, bottom, right, left) and be double spaced.The cover page and bibliography do not count toward fulfilling the minimum page requirement of the assignment, neither do images, pictures, etc. attached to the end of your paper. The cover page is not numbered and the first page of text are not numbered. Page numbering starts on the second page of text, which is numbered as page 2.All photos, images, maps, etc. you use in your paper must be related to text in your paper and not included as “filler.” For example, if you include a map of Boston Harbor in your paper, it must be for a specific purpose and referenced in your text. “In 1774, Boston’s harbor was a few blocks from the main section of the city (see figure 1 — map of Boston Harbor).”