IFN700 Project Management: Implementation of a Project

Identify a project concept that could be executed at either your workplace or home, which is of sufficient complexity to warrant a project manager to implement the task.

This project concept could include the renovation of your home or extension, workplace refurbishment, expansion, IT infrastructure or the planning of a workplace function (such as a Christmas Party for a large number of people).

You should look at a problem that needs to be solved or an opportunity which could be exploited through the implementation of a project.

Prepare a detailed analysis incorporating all discrete tasks, costs, time frames resources, outcomes, stakeholders and contingencies.

NOTE: This assessment MUST be in an essay format and address the design and planning of an original proposal, not an evaluation of a project that has already been undertaken.


Introduction- What is the assessment all about and how you going to discuss the content(Project concept)of the assignment.

Project Background- Project Scope or Scope of the Project-Should contain what are the project goals are?,how big the project is?,what people, equipments, and raw material it needs?who is going to be the project manger and so on. Work Breakdown Structure- What is work breakdown structure is? explanation about the work packages, deliverables, milestones, cost, time frame associated with each of work packages. also needs to draw the work breakdown structure or gantt chart.

Roles and Responsibility- Please explain how many and who are the people involved ,who provides support, advice, use assignment matrix.