Identifying Gang Members

While this hasn’t been the case much with the most recent spate of active killers, it has in the past for sure. Also, The Donald suggested that violent video games might be problematic. And they likely are (cf. Grossman, The Assassination Generation).The general idea here is whether what we see or watch causes us to become that we are watching or listening to. This is a longstanding idea, whether through film, TV, music or video games. The example here is SOA. The follow up, The Mayans (which has been renewed for a fourth season), though not as good, might result in similar ideas. Respond to the following:The National Gang Crime Research Center says(Links to an external site.)Sons of Anarchy (SOA) is a problem.Tom Baker says(Links to an external site.)that SOA gets some things right.Peterson says(Links to an external site.)that SOA gets it right on race. Wow!Then there’s this(Links to an external site.).And Bozell (who I usually like and agree with) says this(Links to an external site.).7046064 hours agoRead:RequiredValdez, Gangs: A Guide to Understanding Street Gangs (5th ed.):Chapter 3: Activity Based Gangs (pp. 346-357)Module notesView:RequiredOutlaw Motorcycle GangsDownload Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs[PDF File Size 1.6 MB]Members of outlaw motorcycle gang in organized crime indictment video.(Links to an external site.)(2010, June 15). Retrieved from hours agoModule 4: Module Notes: Outlaw Motorcycle GangsOutlaw motorcycle gangs are very different from the average street gang. Although many street gangs have factions in many cities throughout the United States, few have the formal, structured organization that outlaw motorcycle gangs have.There are more than 800 outlaw motorcycle gangs in the United States. Most local, state, and federal agencies recognize only five to ten of these gangs as being the most notorious and the most powerful. Many of these gangs have been around for many years and have been involved in many types of criminal activity. Although many of these gangs refer to themselves as “clubs” instead of gangs, they still adhere to a strict set of bylaws that outline the philosophy of the gang. Most of the top ten gangs have gone global and have chapters in numerous countries around the world which makes it easier to hide criminal activity as well as members from the eyes of the law.7046064 hours agoGang Crime, MontanaSelect the following link for a plain text version of this graph.Level of Gang Involvement in Certain Offenses Plain text file.The chart shows the level of motorcycle gang involvement in different types of crimes. Historically, drug manufacturing and distribution are two of the most prevalent.Reference:Steyee, J. (2011, April 15). Montana gang threat assessment 2011(Links to an external site.)[PDF file size 7.7 MB]. University of California. Retrieved from