Identify within your post, two specific areas of this section of your speech on which you would like comments and feedback.

StudiesReadingsUse your Health Politics and Policy text to read the following:Chapter 7, “Why Health Reform Happened,” pages 116–122.Chapter 8, “Medicare: The Great Transformation,” pages 126–141.Chapter 9, “Medicaid: Designed to Grow,” pages 142–163.Use the Capella University Library to read the following:Blumenthal, D., & Morone, J. (2016). Past as prologue: Presidential politics and health policy. The New England Journal of Medicine, 375(14), 1314–1316.Use the Internet to read the following:Levy, M. (2018). Patient protection and affordable care act. Encyclopedia Britannica. Retrieved from – ResourcesYou may find the following optional resources useful:Democratic National Convention. (2004). 2004 Barack Obama keynote speech [Video file]. Retrieved from (n.d.). Glossary. Retrieved from to this glossary of commonly cited health care terms to support this week’s and next week’s readings.Peer Review ForumThe purpose of this peer review forum is to provide an opportunity for review and feedback. Your colleagues’ suggestions can inform your work, and your suggestions can inform theirs.For this discussion:Post in the discussion area for peer review a draft of one section of your Speech Draft for Meeting With Community Leaders assignment—due in Unit 7.Post the section of your speech in which you respond to two potential objections, concerns, or questions.Identify within your post, two specific areas of this section of your speech on which you would like comments and feedback.Explain why these areas are of particular concern to you.Clinton vs. Obama Health Care ReformIn this unit, we have learned that health care reform battles have been fought repeatedly in the United States for decades. Focusing on health care reform triumphs and tragedies in the Clinton era vs. the Obama era:Explain one specific key policy strategy the Obama administration implemented that differed from the Clinton administration in terms of shaping health care reform legislation.Specify which key stakeholder groups unified to strengthen the Obama health care reform proposal.Describe your views of these administrations’ implementation strategies.Identify which presidential administration approach you agree with most.