Identify the individuals with the Agency relationship.

a. Identify the individuals with the Agency relationship.b. What duties were owed to whom? Were the duties breached? If so, provide examples.c. Were there examples where the agent could have been liable? Explain.d. Were there any ethicalconcerns? Explain your answer.e. Who was your favorite character in the movie? Why?f. Movie Review- Submit a review with your assessment of the movie and how you would rate it.
IMPORTANT:Please ONLY cite sources from the pdf chapter provided. (For reference page, you can use “Beatty, Jeffrey F., et al. Business Law and the Legal Environment, Cengage, 2016.”)Also, if you cite sources from the chapter, please indicate the section, for example 28-1b. Thank you.Please, do not use outside sources, unless it’s from the movie. Thank you.