Identify the error in the code and correct it so the program runs correctly.

The following exercise will allow students to understand how to create a flowchart and pseudocode.Draw a flowchart and write the pseudocode that describes how to prepare a cup of coffee. Include at least two decisions and two loops.The flowchart can be created using Microsoft Word. Before using a different application please discuss with the instructor.Submit your assignment to this assignment area.See the attached document for an example of how your assignment should look.
PART II. Variables and MethodsClass variables:These are also known as static member variables and there’s only one copy of that variable that is shared with all instances of that class. If changes are made to that variable, all other instances will see the effect of the changes.// INSTANCE VARIABLEpublic class Main {public static void main(String[] args) {Product prod1 = new Product();prod1.Barcode = 123456;Product prod2 = new Product();prod2.Barcode = 987654;System.out.println(prod1.Barcode);System.out.println(prod2.Barcode);}}public class Product {public int Barcode;}Identify the error in the code and correct it so the program runs correctly. Please provide a screenshot of your results in your assignment Word docINSTRUCTIONS: Using an online Programming Text Editor and Compiler from Coding Ground at (Links to an external site.), enter and run the following program. Take a screenshot of your results. You will need to change your code so that the results will display “Your name and the name of your Class: for example, “Jane Doe, 1S122 Programming Logic.” Take a screenshot of the updated code and your result display. Insert your screenshots in your assignment Word doc and SUBMIT in this assignment area.