Identify and focus potential topics, form an appropriate research question and hypothesis, and propose a research plan.

Identify and focus potential topics, form an appropriate research question and hypothesis, and propose a research plan.Use current academic research methods to retrieve college-level research information from a variety of sources.Read and critically evaluate sources in terms of bias, accuracy, authority, currency, purpose, relevance, audience, and other factors.DESCRIPTION:You will choose one of the topics from an IAP (or a new topic) and conduct preliminary research. You will find a minimum of five Peer-Reviewed Sources. One of your sources should be a book (print or electronic). Once you have conducted your preliminary research you will write a research proposal that follows the template provided. The final Research Proposal will consist of two parts: The Research Proposal and an Annotated Bibliography. These will be turned in as one file via Canvas.The Research Proposal: Addresses the current research and why the topic you have chosen merits further investigation.The Annotated Bibliography: Consists of the correct MLA8 citation for each of your sources. Each citation is followed by a 100-150 word evaluation of the source itself and how it might be of further use to you in a Research Essay.*As with all of your assignments the Research Project will be typed, double-spaced in Times New Roman (or similar), 12 point font, with the correct MLA8 header and page numbers. Since you are included an annotated bibliography the work cited page is unnecessary.AUDIENCE:The audience for this assignment is an academic audience of your peers. This should be a formal assignment and should avoid slang and cliches. Since your proposal is based on your interests and perspectives, you may use first-person pronouns. Please avoid the second person (“you”).PART ONE: THE RESEARCH PROPOSALPOINTS: 30 out of 60 totalThe Research Proposal will take into account all of the research that you have completed and provide the overall strategy you will use as you approach the first draft of the essay. The proposal will be written in a formal academic style and will be subdivided into five specific sections:Introduction: Provides general background and context. This should help ground a reader in the current perspectives on the topic you intend to research.Reason for Further Investigation: Explain why this topic needs further investigation. What information is lacking from the current research?Objectives: Summarizes the intended objectives of the essay. What, exactly, will the essay attempt to accomplish. What is the primary objective (main goal), and what are two or three sub-objectives (sub-goals).The Literature Review: Summarizes and evaluates initial research on the topic, taking into account themes and trends. This is the section where you are summarizing the current discussions on the topic.Plan: Provides a framework for future research into the topic. This section provides a clear indication of what your next steps (as a researcher) will be.PART TWO: THE ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHYPOINTS: 30 out of 60 totalFor the Annotated Bibliography, you will need to find at least five peer-reviewed (or academic) sources. You only need to annotated the first five academic sources. I highly recommend that you complete the Annotated Bibliography first. Completing this part of the assignment first will inform your work in the Research Proposal (in particular the “literature review” portion of the proposal). For each, source you will write an evaluation of no less than 100 words. These evaluations should address (in formal academic language):The overall reliability of the source, taking into account the author and publication as well as how the information relates to other sources.Any potential bias of the author.Significant findings in the research (statistics, quotes, claims).How the information in the article might be of use to you in a formal essay.*Note: This should not simply be a bullet-pointed list or a formulaic list answering the questions above. Your analysis of the document should be thorough and consist of fluid prose. Additionally: if a source does not appear to be useful it should not be included in your Annotated Bibliography.EXAMPLE AND TEMPLATE:ResearchProject.Example.2020.pdfActionsMinimize File PreviewResearchProject.pdfActionsPREPARATION:In order to prepare for the successful completion of this assignment I would suggest that you do the following:1) Review your Research Question and Rationale assignment and my comments on the assignment.2) Find five peer-reviewed/academic/scholarly sources that look promising.3) Read and annotate the five sources prior to starting your Research Project.4) Make sure to consider the two sides of the issue.5) Pay close attention to why this is a question that needs to be addressed now.