Identify and explain what an employee-at-will is and the exceptions to firing such an employee given the law’s protections.

Week 5 Discussion
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Discuss the following:·Identify and explain what anemployee-at-will is and the exceptions to firing such an employee given thelaw’s protections. Research using the Legal Database andprovide an example lawsuit of a wrongful firing or discharge in violation ofthe law. Be sure you case is within the last five years. Explainthe facts, the parties, their arguments, the law, and the outcome of thecase. NEXIS-Uni Legal Database (User Name:SU200665900) Password: Cookie3479!0·
·link:·Immigration law has becomeincreasingly important for employers in recent years. It is estimatedthere are over 14 million undocumented immigrations today in the UnitedStates. Many come to the US in hopes of finding work. TheImmigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) makes it illegal to hire, recruit, orrefer for a fee someone not authorized to work legally in the US.·When it comes to hiring newemployees, explain the requirements for compliance with IRCA and the penaltiesfor violating the law.·Explain and summarize theprotections afforded under discrimination laws today and how undocumentedimmigrants are in fact protected from discrimination per the Equal ProtectionClause.