Identify and explain the two overarching concepts that guide reading instruction.

Classroom Diversity: An Introduction to Student Differences
Read pages 4, 5, and 6. Complete the IRIS Module by briefly responding to Assessment questions 1 aand 2.Read Chapter 7 (Vaugh & Bos, 2020), and complete both activities below.Activity 2: (Chapter Recall) Respond briefly to the questions and prompts below.Identify and explain the two overarching concepts that guide reading instruction.Identify and define the seven main decoding strategies, and briefly explain how each contributes to successful word identification.Compare and contrast explicit and implicit code instruction. Describe what type of learner might profit from each.What are the characteristics of phonological awareness, and how can a teacher recognize students who are struggling with phonological awareness?What are the key features of direct and explicit instruction? Why are these features so vital for the instruction of students with learning or reading disabilities?Activity 3: (Application; See examples in red below)Choose a reading skill or strategy that you would like to teach (e.g., decoding, sight words, blending, onset rime, structural analysis, syllabification)Clearly define the skill or strategy.e.g., Structural analysis–using knowledge of word structures to decode wordse.g., I will develop an activity on prefixes. A prefix comes before a word and modfies its meaning.Develop a learning goal related to the skill or strategy, articulated in terms of Know, Understand, and Do (See related readings in the Readings folder).Know: (1) Vocabulary (prefix)–A prefix comes before a word and modfies its meaning. (2) Four prefixes (un, re, in, dis)Understand: Knowledge of prefixes helps us to break down unfamiliar words to determine their meaning.Do: Complete one activity on prefixes.Develop one differentiated activity (tiered activity) to teach the skill or strategy identified in #3 above. Write the activity below. You do not need to explain how you would teach it or develop a lesson plan.Indicate the grade level.