Identify and evaluate the possible barriers and develop strategies to implementing your proposal.

This final assignment is a culmination of the course material. You will write a 10-15page research paper describing a potential problem within your organization thatyou will reframe into an innovative opportunity. You will then critically assess thepotential outcomes or solutions for the problem. Key elements of the paper shouldinclude; clear reframing of problem, potential solutions considering both hypotheticallypositive or negative solutions, the innovative leadership and management theories andbehaviors or traits of leaders needed to implement and support your solutions, potentialbarriers that you will need to overcome resistance and a possible plan forimplementation your final recommendation.The paper will be 10 to 15 pages long (excluding title and reference pages), and willfollow APA requirements. A proper abstract is required. Students will write in the thirdperson voice. A table of contents and appropriate headings should be incorporated.Students are expected to incorporate research beyond the assigned readings, and toadd their own critical thinking to supplement, interpret and apply the academicprinciples.Specific Grading Criteria:1. Clearly identify the problem or issue. (Rubric criteria 1)a. Supporting rational leading to problem identification. (Rubric criteria 1)b. Identify and evaluate the possible barriers and develop strategies toimplementing your proposal. (Rubric criteria 3 & 4)c. Critique the leadership theories needed to the support of your innovation.(Rubric criteria 3 & 4)d. Identify organizational core values that support your position. (Rubriccriteria 3 & 4)BUS669 – Innovating Leadershipand ManagementUnit 6 Draft Innovative Leadership Assignmente. Develop an innovative framework for your problem using one of themodels presented in unit 6. (Rubric criteria 3 & 4)2. Paper should demonstrate working knowledge of the course material and abilityto critically think exploring possible implications or opportunities for theorganization (Rubric criteria 3 & 4)3. Papers should follow APA formatting (Rubric criteria 5)a. Title pageb. Running Headc. Headingsd. Abstracte. In-text citationsf. Reference page4. Professional writing skills (Rubric criteria 2 & 5)a. Well organizedb. Proof read with no spelling errorsc. No grammatical errorsd. Third person voiceStudents: Be sure to read the criteria, by which your paper/project will beevaluated, before you write, and again after you write.