I need help making this in C++ Asap! If you feel information is missing, or provided…

I need help making this in C++ Asap!
If you feel information is missing, or provided information is
incorrect, make assumptions but clearly state your assumptions.
You should NEVER use global variables. Other than the main()
function, there should be no global functions in your code. Other
than the test() function not other function needs to be a static
function in this problem.
Let us say you find a consulting opportunity for a regional
real-estate company that wants you to write a class to do
statistical analysis that also keeps track of all the houses sold
in your area. There are currently 100 houses in the region of their
operation and they are never are expected to store more than 200
They want you to store the sales price in a local array of this
class as soon as the house is sold. Only sale price is stored, the
address or the date of sale or any other data is not stored by this
They also want to be able to determine the maximum price of all
the houses sold based on the current entries in this array.
You have to write a class that provided following functions:
void addHouseSale(double salePrice); //Adds the house sale to
the sold[] array.
double calculateMaximumPrice();
The class must implement an array called “sold”. You will
determine the capacity of the array need in your program and what
you need to maintain how many houses have been sold so far.
(You have to make the decision on how many data members you need
in addition array. No! this problem does not need dynamic memory
Your program will assume that the history is started fresh,
every time you execute the program. That is: the first call to
addHouseSale(double salePrice) will make the first entry into the
Please implement a print() function that prints all of the data
members of the class in a friendly manner.
Please implement a static test() function that tests all other
functions, and at least 5 new entries into the array.
Please make sure that you use “Preformatted” style rather than
“Paragraph” for the entire code and ensure it is readable and
properly indented.
You have to provide
You are not required to show code separated by files. You can
paste all of your code in the following edit box (using
“Preformatted” style).
complete contents of the .h file: [18]
all system includes [1]
all #define’s you need [1]
class declaration that includes:
Constructor [2]
all function declarations (including test, and print functions)
the array declaration [4]
any other variables you need to make this work [2]
complete contents of the .cpp file that includes complete
definitions (implementation) of: [57]
addHouseSale(double salePrice) function [5 points]
calculateMaximumPrice() function [20 points]
print() function [10 points]
test() function [20 points]
main function that simply calls the test() function. [2