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Upon my research, Hurricane Dorian was set to hit Florida and move up to Alabama. Unfortunately, storms are ever-changing and unpredictable. They could turn at the drop of a hat. Hurricane Dorian was a prime example how someone could make an assertion based on the data collected, but the storm changes it’s route suddenly. The reason the assertion was made so early on was for residents who were in the projected path of Dorian could prepare and evacuate. Hurricane Dorian strengthened to a category 5 before making landfall and caused devastation. It was one of the largest Hurricanes to develop in many years. When they made the initial assertion, they were doing it to allow people to prepare for the possible devastation that could happen. They wanted others to be ready and evacuate for their own protection and safety. This assertion caused a sense of mass panic. People boarded up their homes, evacuated, and prepared for the worst. Some people went out and stocked up on essentials in case they were unable to go to a store or if they lost power. This assertion caused some panic and some took it as a time to prepare for possible events. Fortunately, Hurricane Dorian did not make landfall. It did cause damage, but not as much that was originally projected. The assertion was incorrect. Alabama did not get effected by Dorian. I feel like they made a good call to go ahead and publicly announce where they believed Dorian would make impact. This did help some prepare. They also did a good job at consistently updating the gathered data regarding Dorian. 
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