How they could be avoided?Discuss the strengths and limitations of your experiment

Dry lab report on (Preparation of Ethyl 4-aminobenzoate)

You should be able to work out a percentage yield for your virtual experiment using the data. You can then compare yield, MP/BP and IR to the expected results in literature.

Introduction (20%)

Should include the following

Aim of the report

Background on the molecule you have chosen to synthesize

Mechanism for the synthesis reaction – a diagram and your understanding of it.

Important theory behind the experiment

Method (25%)

Should include the following

Method should cover both the synthesis of the molecule and purification of it from any impurities.

Comparison of method or part of method to at least one alternative

Demonstrate understanding of why each step is being carried out

Considerations of Health and safety issues (major points should be clear in the method but an appendix at the end of the report for all chemicals used in the experiment, this includes products and impurities).

Detail of the method you have chosen so that someone else could replicate the method

Results (20%)

Your report should include the following:

Percentage yield calculations using your set of dry data, see separate data sheet for your data set.

Analysis of IR results for your compound including identification of key peaks and possible impurities. This can be for the product and starting compounds.

Analysis of melting point/boiling point data

Discussion and Conclusion (30%)

Should include the following:

Compare results with what you expected to get

Analyse the experimental error

cause and size of errors and their impact.

How they could be avoided?

What do the results mean? – link them back to the theory

How do they compare with others work? This should be referenced sources not other data in the results for students.

Link your results back to your objective in your introduction.

Discuss the strengths and limitations of your experiment

Use of referencing (5%)


You may like to include the following as an appendix,-= note all key information should be in the main part of the report with appendices used for supporting information.

H&S information

equipment lists

Detail of any calculations carried out (key details should be in the body of the text but if you want to break down the steps in more detail you can add this as an appendix).

(Have uploaded a file with my draft which need some improvement and changes im going to upload the tutor’s feedback on what’s to improve)

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