how the issue(s) are presented and the consequences of presenting the issue(s) in this way.

Read the following news article and provide an analysis of how power operates within the text.

You should consider how the issue(s) are presented and the consequences of presenting the issue(s) in this way. You should use specific examples from the text to support your answer. You must also use at least one of the concepts of hegemony or discourse to formulate your response.

Your answer should be approximately 500 words. 10% above or below this word limit will be accepted.

If you use references to support your answer, these should be appropriately referenced using Harvard referencing style. In-text citations and quotes will count towards the word count of your answer; reference lists will not.

A youth’s legs were broken by a police car during a dramatic manhunt for the alleged perpetrators of another cigarette raid.

Tasmania Police launched a massive pre-dawn air and land search yesterday after a supermarket on Hobart’s Eastern Shore was burgled.

A gang of five underage bandits allegedly broke into the Dodges Ferry Supermarket about 2.15am, filling the boot of a stolen blue Nissan Skyline with cigarettes.

A vigilant local who witnessed the burglary confronted the youths.

In a bid to threaten or silence the witness, the youths drove the stolen car at speed, targeting him.

The witness was shaken but escaped injury before the youths sped off, sparking the all-out pursuit.

The were unable to evade the law with police blocking all the major roads surrounding the seaside community.

About half an hour later police trapped the vehicle and forced it to cross road spikes near the Willows Tavern at Risdon Vale.

Despite two punctured tyres, the damaged car continued through Geilston Bay and Lindisfarne with the police on its tail.

The car eventually stalled at Flagstaff Gully Link Rd, where the five young offenders attempted to flee on foot.

One youth was apprehended by an officer, while a second was caught after he was run over by a police car.

Inspector Brett Smith said the youth slipped on gravel when he attempted to escape through the rear passenger side of the car.

Insp Smith said that at the same time a police car was pulling up alongside in a bid to ensure the car couldn’t go any further.

He said the car was travelling about 5km/h – “a very, very slow speed”.

The youth was rushed to the Royal Hobart Hospital where he underwent surgery for two broken legs.

Meanwhile the hunt continued for the three remaining youths, with the police using hi-tech infra-red and night vision technology mounted in the Westpac Rescue Helicopter to pursue the youths in bushland.

Insp Smith said the technology helped the police capture a third offender, but two remained at large.

Multiple charges are expected to be laid.

Two of the youths in custody are aged 16 and the other 15.

Police are investigating whether the burglary is related to two similar incidents at a Derwent Park warehouse where more than $30,000 worth of cigarettes have been stolen in two heists during the past two weeks.

Insp Smith said there would be an independent investigation and the professional standards unit had been consulted.