How does this impact individuals and teams?

Part 1: Toward a More Positive Culture
Synthesize the effects of having a positive work cultureas well as the effects of not having one.
How does this impact the organization?
How does this impact individuals and teams?
Call to Action: Propose a set of key steps that managers in your selected organization can take to move toward greater positivity.
Part 2: Toward a More Inclusive Culture
Examine what it means for an organization to have an inclusive culture.
Distinguish between diversity and inclusion.
In what ways are they the same?
In what ways are they different?
Analyze the importance of diversity and inclusion to an organization.
What are the positive effects of incorporating diversity and inclusion into the culture?
What challenges might you encounter when incorporating these ideas into the culture?
******Call to Action: Develop a list of key steps managers in your selected organization can take to better incorporate diversity and inclusion into organizational culture and practices.


  • What risk reduction strategies are used to protect the public from sex offenders? Using examples demonstrate how these operate and how effective they are?
  • Analyze quantitative and qualitative data to solve problems and make decisions that impact organizations and their stakeholders
  • Chapters 6 and 7 explore the gross domestic product (GDP), how it is defined and measured. Explain why economists focus on the GDP, inflation, and unemployment when assessing the health of the entire economy. Explain how the GDP is defined and measured.
  • Leadership experience (Reflection)
  • How does this impact individuals and teams?
  • What are the four phases of the business cycle? How long do business cycles last? Why does the business cycle affect output and employment in capital goods industries and consumer durable goods industries more severely than in industries producing consumer nondurables?
  • Lifespan Development
  • The adolescent brain- workshop handout
  • Using the attached Business Systems Design Report Template, you will design and document a multilevel target security architecture to address cybersecurity threats to the Healthy Body Wellness Center (HBWC). You will also use the Business Systems Design Report Template to conduct, record, and audit your design, and provide justification to defend each aspect of your multilevel network architecture. You will then complete the attached DREAD Workbook and submit it as a separate attachment.
  • Describe the summary statistics and frequency distributions, taking into account the scale of measurement for your data.