How does legal discourse shape social movements, collective memory, and/or political and social institutions?

6+ pages, double-spaced, 11-12 pt font, no playing with the marginsTitle, introduction, conclusion, works cited/bibliographyStrong thesis statement that advances an original argumentMust demonstrate a strong understanding of at least three of the following authors:You may use outside sources, but are not required to. Focus on using the course texts we’ve read so far to advance an original argument. If you do use outside sources, make sure that they are credible and appropriate.Douglas LitowitzPatrick WolfeVeena DasWendy BrownHannah ArendtJason De LeónErin RoutonMichel FoucaultDo not just summarize the texts, pick random quotes, focus on the general topic the author raised, etc. You need to critically engage these texts in a substantial way. “Deep reading” might be helpful, as will “critical reading.”