How do Native American people live nowadays?

It is an extended, independent research project. I should produce an original, high-quality research paper on a subject that fascinates and intrigues you, and you will share your research with your classmates in a presentation.I can select any topic related to modernity and/or life in today’s world for this project. Aswith any research project, however, my work should begin with a clear and focusedquestion, problem, or observation. I should also ensure that my work is led by a centralargument made in dialogue with scholarly literature you have sourced; my paper shouldnot merely be a descriptive essay “about” a topic.I should integrate course ideas and readings within my paper and presentation to demonstrate my understanding of modernity as a theoretical, historical, and political concept.
• The final draft should be approximately 15 pages in length, excluding footnotes,endnotes, and bibliography.• I should find and use at least 10 academic sources in the paper, excludingreadings from the syllabus.• I should format my work carefully. In particular, all references and quotations should becited within the essay using a standard referencing style, such as MLA, APA, orChicago, and a bibliography should list all sources you have used in the paper.Consult an expert if you are unsure how to cite sources correctly.• The paper will be designed, developed, and drafted in stages under supervision.