How covid has affected steel and copper

What our project is: Commodity prices – Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Plastic, WoodRequirements:Support all positions with ten recent sources within the last five years. The resources must be a mix of refereed and practitioner articles in Business and Operations Management journals. We can probably do 2-3 sources per commodity. Make it easier on ourself.The project paper should be submitted (e-copy) on Blackboard during the last week of the semester per the due date. Follow the standard APA guidelines on the paper structure and format.The Length of the paper is dependent on your content – quality matters more than quantity. Provide a well-researched and thoughtful paper. The best papers will provide insight and solutions where a company has struggled to find resolution.Each paper will include a one-page project summary (template posted on Blackboard).
Choose one of the world issues below to summarize what is happening and offer recommendations for companies to navigate the issue successfully to ensure longevity of their business. What risks are they facing? What can they do to mitigate the risk? What happens to the supply chain? What happens to lead time? What happens with inventory? Predict what is going to happen to the world economy in the next 6 – 12 we chose copper and steel to write our paper over,