History 101

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Using the referenced material, Schultz, Kevin M. (2013) HIST (with CourseMate Printed Access Card) (3rd Edition). Must be one of your sources.
For each question, the response should be at least 450 words, and have at least two other authoritative sources than the one provided between all 4 questions, and must be used in APA format and be cited with a direct link to sources. Direct Quotes are not excepted!!

The American Revolution was the product of a building feud between colonials and British administrators. How did British attempt to reform the American Empire contribute to the growth of the Revolutionary movement?
Discuss the impact of the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening on colonial society in America.
Explain how the colonists responded to the new acts imposed on them by the British, and trace the evolutionary process that brought the colonies closer to rebellion.
Assess the significance of the American Revolution to the following groups: colonists, slaves, native populations, and women.

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