Historical and Philosophical Perspectives on Education

Choose between option 1 or option 2, write a two page paper.Follow APA 7th edition.Use 11-point Arial or 12-point Times New Roman font.
Option 1Choose two significant events in the history of education – one from the past (pre-1940s) and one from the present – and describe their impact on the context of schooling.For each event, analyze the historical context, including the purpose of education, the curriculum, methods of instruction, the role of the teacher, the significance of the event, its influence on your school and classroom today, and its impact on your personal philosophy of education.
Option 2Select two educational theorists who did the majority of their work in different time periods – one from the past (pre-1940s) and one from the present.For each theorist, analyze his/her theories, explain the significance of the contributions and influence on modern education, and the impact of the theory on your personal philosophy of education.Suggested theorists are provided below. You may select from the lists or choose your own.Pre-1940sSocratesMaria MontessoriHorace MannImmanuel KantJohn LockeJohn DeweyWilliam Heard KilpatrickIvan PavlovKarl MarxCharles DarwinPost-1940sPaulo FreireNoam ChomsyB. F. SkinnerNel NoddingsAbraham MaslowJerome BrunerJean PiagetLinda Darling-HammondHoward GardnerBenjamin BloomEtienne WengerRick DuFourParker PalmerMargaret WheatleyStephen Krashen