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NEWS ARTICLE For your post, use selected news article using correct APA formatting followed by your fully developed answers to each of the following:
Describe the role of statistics in the news article or report.What was the population of the study?What was the sample?Do you believe the statistical results are believable and meaningful?Use the Eight Guidelines for Evaluating a Statistical Study to explain why the results are believable and meaningful (or why not).Eight Guidelines for Evaluating a Statistical Study1. Get a Big Picture View of the Study. You should understand the goal of the study, the population that was under study, and whether the study was observational or an experiment2. Consider the Source. Look for potential sources of bias on the part of theresearchers.3. Look for Bias in the Sample. Decide whether the sampling method was likely to produce a representative sample.4. Look for Problems in Defining or Measuring the Variables of Interest. Ambiguity in the variables can make it difficult to interpret reported results.5. Beware of Confounding Variables. If the study neglected potential confounding variables, its results may not be valid.6. Consider the Setting and Wording in Surveys. Look for anything that might tend to produce inaccurate or dishonest responses.7. Check That Results Are Presented Fairly. Check whether the study supports the conclusions that are presented in the media.8. Stand Back and Consider the Conclusions. Evaluate whether the study achieved its goals. If so, do the conclusions make sense and have practical significance?
What sorts of statistics (e.g., graphical, non-graphical, hypotheses, correlation, averages, etc.) were used in the report?How was the data distributed?How are distribution and variation important in any statistical study?Was any margin of error mentioned in the report?If no margin of error was mentioned, then assume that it is 2%. Interpret the margin of error in terms of 95% confidence interval.Showcase your critical thinking skills and include supporting detail to back up your conclusions.
Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length. It should show all the required math work and explain all the steps. Also include a simple reference for any used resource. For example: Washington Post dated August 13, 2018 or retrieved from