growth and development in the well child

Learning Activity: Growth and development in the Well Child:

Toddler and Pre-Schooler

Clinical Lab: You Tube videos


After completion of assigned reading and viewing required you tube videos, the student will:

1. In the first paragraph(s) of your paper, describe in writing the developmental tasks appropriate for both

the toddler and preschooler according to Erikson’s theory of growth and development.

2. Observe psychological characteristics of growth and development of the child at this

3. Describe in writing expected and observed psychosocial characteristics of growth and
development appropriate to the child of age groups selected using the following guide
(use two column format) with the expected column written in short bullet format and the observed column written in complete sentences.

Characteristics: Expected Observed
a. Emotional development
b. Super ego development
c. Characteristic of play
d. Self Image (Identification-Awareness
of sexuality)
e. Cognitive development
f. Communication/Extent of vocabulary
g. Gross and fine motor skills
4. Identify in writing the nutritional needs in general of children at these age groups. Student will go to and summarize the required guidelines for this age group and create a nutritious meal based on guidelines.

5. Identify in writing safety needs in general of children at these age groups.

6. Identify the following from the website:

a. Philosophy and objectives of the Our Children Learning Center at City Tech
b. Services offered
c. How many hours per day can a child attend the center

7. Cite at least two references used (Use correct A.P.A. bibliography format). (See Writing Resources Booklet)

Specifics: Paper not to exceed 12 pages, not including separate coversheet with name, section, location and date of experience. (APA format See format in Writing Resources Booklet)

Font: 12pt Times New Roman