Group Development Paper on Depression using Existential Theory Approach for group counseling (Adults) class

Research how to lead a group for this issue/population and then prepare a paper discussing her/his research and plans for leading such a group The paper should integrate at least three (3) peer-reviewed journal articles. The textbook may be used in this paper, but not included as one of the three sources. All journal articles (PDF format) should be electronically submitted in the assignment folder with the paper. APA format is required for this 5 to 7 page paper and the content requirements for the assignment are outlined in the rubric. The Turnitin score should not be above 12%.
In addition to this paper, outlining a series of group conseling sessions using existential, I also have a powerpoint presentation and mock flyer that will be done, if you have capabilities in those areas as well. A fee to include all will be determined upon communication and agreement.