Goverment and politics class

Goverment and politics classRead the article and make one paragraph of the lecture i upload then make 2 of my classmate response. you have to make a list 3 separate paragraphClassmate discussion post
1-Exploration#11The privacy is limited because as we keep inventingnew technology, they keep coming up with ways to intercept the data withincomputers and cell phones. “But privacy advocates intent that the industrycommittee has already decided not to adopt the maximum level of protectionbecause of pressure from the National Security Agency, whose intelligencegathering includes listening in on phone conversations in foreign countries andintercepting data sent by computers.” With the National Security Agencyintelligence I am not sure where that could outsmart them, seeing as they knowhow to listen to conversations that happen in foreign countries. Although usingradio signals is much easier to intercept than the information that is sentover via telephone lines. They do not want to give the formula out to thepublic because they don’t want criminals to have the possibility to crack thecode of the formula. Meaning that the formula is weak and could easily besolved. The article talks about the National Security Agency and how cellphones raise debate between the National Security Agency and also how they canease drop within a certain limit. The language is Orwellian because theNational Security Agency says things so that people will feel better eventhough they simply may not mean what they say. They tend to do this so thatpeople will not be freaked out and so that they still buy cell phones eventhough there is a possibility that the National Security Agency can listen to ourconversations.The world as we know it is starting to fall apart, andus Americans need to start being more aware of it. As the ice melts in theArctic Ocean, it will make the competition for fish, minerals, and otherresources harder to get. “The National Security warnings came on the same daythat top financial regulators for the first time flagged climate change as “anemerging threat” to the American economy.” There is already starting to beshortages for ram things such as ketchup and cream cheese, and of course manyother things. Hurricanes, floods and even wildfires are becoming out of controland damaging an outrageous amount of property. The loss of jobs because ofthese damages is increasing and there is very little that we can do about it.But climate change being a threat to national security is simply nothing newObama’s administration had talked about it as well. The risk to nationalsecurity will only increase in the many years to come. Climate change couldaffect the shipping of products nationwide meaning that it could affectcompanies and people’s need for those products. This article talks about howclimate change can put a threat to national security and how climate change canaffect the world today. It also talks about how climate change being a threatto national security is not something that is new this year. The language is Orwellianbecause climate change can easily be lied about in can be talked about notbeing as bad as it is. When in reality it has been a problem for as long as Ican remember. So, if national security makes it seem as though climate changeis not threatening them, then they are lying.
2-ExplorationWhat is the national security? The national security is the security anddefense of a nation state, including its citizens, economy, andinstitutions, which is regarded as a duty of government. The New YorkTimes reported recently that current President Donald Trump firedDirector of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security AgencyChristopher Krebs. The New York Times confirmed that the reason whyPresident Trump fired Christopher Krebs is because Christopher Krebswas against Trump’s lies about voter fraud in the U.S. Presidentialelection and President Trump is trying to overturn the election resultsso he can win his second term as President of the United States.Christopher Krebs job as Director of the Cybersecurity andInfrastructure Security Agency is ensure that the U.S. election resultsfor 2020 was secure without foreign interference.In the George Orwell book 1984, Winston Smith and the people ofOceania are being monitored by an organization called Big Brothersbecause the people of Oceania are at with the Eurasians and they’retrying to make sure that no one in Oceania is collaborating with theEurasians. The Big Brothers organization monitors people by lookingthrough people’s windows, using telescreens, posters, and coins.
believe that the most national security issue that accounts is theUnited States Presidential election because for eight months, theUnited States has been dealing with not only the coronavirusoutbreaks, but the foreign interference demanding that people vote forPresident Donald Trump or else they will suffer the consequences. Theother reason why the national security issue with the 2020 UnitedStates Presidential election matter is because the American peoplewant a fair election and no foreign country should be meddling in othercountries elections in order to harm a party’s rival.