Gothic Writing (Prose and Poetry) of the Romantic Era (1800s)

Edgar Ellen Poe
The Raven, Annabel Lee, The Tell-Tale Heart
Analyzing the chosen selections by Poe including at least TWOQuotes from each text with MLA in-text citations, Discuss 3 of the followingtopics in one mini-essay of 4-5 well-developed paragraphs; include a few sentencesof introduction and conclusion as well as making comparisons between the three worksthat are chosen (Cross-Analysis). Do not separate your discussion board intoblocks by works; you are writing a unified mini-essay with a thesis in youropening sentences that connects the various works followed by the body of youressay that provides examples, support quotes, and discussion.
1. 1Overall themes and topics2. 2Gothic elements3.Supernatural elements4.Elements of suspense5.Irony6.Style of writing or diction7.Foreshadowing8.Your choice