Gerunds and Infinitives Homework # 6

Can you help me understand this English question?

Gerund or Infinitive

Use the verbs in brackets to fill the gaps.

We arranged _____________ under the station clock at half nine. ( to meet )
I always try to avoid _____________ him whenever I can. ( to see )
I long _____________ in Scotland again. ( to be )
My Mom demanded _____________ the manager. ( to see )
My brother denied _____________ my chocolate mousse. Maybe his hamster ate it. ( to eat )
I tried _____________, but I just couldn’t. ( to understand )
In the end, I gave up _____________ to persuade her. ( to try )
Charlie was pretending _____________ a chicken. ( to be )
They chose _____________ in a cheap hotel but spend more money on meals. ( to stay)
We like Galicia so much that we keep _____________ back there. ( to go )
He deserves _____________ severely punished. ( to be )
When we visit my aunt, they expect me _____________ on my best behavior. ( to be )
I didn’t mean _____________ her feelings. I’m really sorry. ( to hurt )
I always put off _____________ my homework until the last possible moment. ( to do )
He goes on _____________ me the same thing over and over again. ( to tell )
I can’t stand _____________ in line at the bakery. ( to wait )
The firemen managed _____________ the fire pretty quickly. (to put out)
I never risk _____________ through that part of town. (to go )
Clare offered _____________ me to the airport, which was very kind of her. ( to take )
Dad threatened _____________ my pocket money if I didn’t do my homework. ( to stop )

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